Planning a trip with Pinterest

place pins pinterest laptop

Pinterest released a new nifty feature last week: the place pins. Not only are they a goldmine for travel bloggers but they’re also a very handy thing for anyone planning a trip. Pinterest was already a great way to neatly bookmark all the places you wanted to visit in a board but since last week you can associate these pins with a map. Not only it is brilliant to visually organise your itineraries but the pins hold now all the information (adresses, contacts, etc)¬†you need to know on the go, thanks to the Foursquare technology. Which means that if you ever lost on location, all you need is to flip out your smartphone and you’re sorted. You have all your places of interest (restaurants, museums, hotels, markets, etc) gathered in one place, mapped out for you. And if you travel with someone, planning together has never been so fun and easy since the boards can be co-managed. No more headaches to keep everyone happy and satisfied!

The maps work a bit like Googlemaps in the sense that you can zoom out and in as much as you want. Which can result in very precise pinning! Check out this Disney World board, who said you couldn’t be super efficient in a theme park?

place pins pinterest the art of exploring

As a travel blogger, I jumped on the occasion to switch all my boards to the map view (to do that, just switch the map button on in the ‘Edit Board’ window). It’s fun to see all my posts on the interactive map as well as all the destinations I’m wanderlusting over. But what I was the most excited about was to create a new board for my upcoming trip to Lisbon. I’ve been bookmarking pages and dog-earing my guide lazily so far. So pinning places on my Lisbon map has ramped up the whole organisation process, and it just feels marvellous to see my future holiday shaping up in front of my eyes. Roll on January!

place pins pinterest lisbon

What do you think of Pinterest’s new feature? Would you use it to plan a holiday? Also, I’d love to know your pinterests and/or your recommendations for good travel-orientated ones!

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