Hi! How are ya?

This is how 90% of interactions in Dublin starts. The tricky bit is you’re not supposed to actually answer. After 5 years of living here, I think I finally managed to suppress the urge and I generally mumble  ‘hi, how are you?‘ back. Not sure, I’m doing this right but at least I don’t get weird looks anymore!
I was born and raised in Belgium but from a very early age, I felt the strong desire to travel. My head and my heart were looking towards the general direction of the British Isles. Nothing surprising as all my favourite films and books were either British or Irish. I holidayed as much as I could in England as a teenager and finally moved to London then Dublin as an adult.
After these years of experiencing first-hand the British and Irish culture, I feel my wanderlust has expanded its horizons and my curiousity turned to other countries (at the top of my travel bucket list, you’ll find Japan).


As I’m currently based in Dublin, you’ll get to see a lot of this city here on this blog but also the whole of Ireland and quite a bit of the United Kingdom. But I promise to take you all with me whenever I’m travelling beyond the Channel! I love taking pictures but my thing is making videos. I wish to convey through my camera a slower-paced travel, it’s all about the exploration. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures. If you love botanic gardens, literary tourism or creepy museums, you’ve landed on the right corner of the web!