Instagram: July 2015

Wow, July was a whirlwind. Just as I was coming to terms with the fact that this Summer will be a quiet, travel-free one (remember I even made an Irish Summer checklist to make sure I explore my surroundings), travel plans landed on my lap from right, left and centre. Well don’t get excited, it’s nothing too exotic, but for someone who planned to stay at home the whole Summer, going through 3 European countries in a couple of weeks comes as a bit of a shock to the system.
So let me get you up to date if you haven’t followed my peregrinations on social media (I owe you an apology this month has been very quiet on the blog but should you ever be curious where I’m at, you can follow me on Instagram, I update it almost on a daily basis).

I started the month with the making of two other video guides with Emily. This time we tackled Dublin city centre and Howth, which is Emily’s backyard and it ended up being my favourite neighbourhood we filmed. And it meant I finally got to see the Howth cliff walk which was on my Summer checklist. I do want to go back though and hike the whole perimeter of the peninsula.
Another place I managed to cross off my list is the lavender field in Kilmacanogue, county Wicklow. I meant to talk to you about it before the end of the month as the harvest sale event only happens during July but I failed you as a blogger. Sorry. It will be the subject of my next post here though! Also, I couldn’t go to Kilmacanogue without checking Avoca’s flagship store which is way too dreamy for words. The flowers! The homeware! The stationary! The teas! … sigh.

Instagram July 2015
July blooms / #DublinGhostSigns near Moore St / Emily vs. Dublin
Beautiful hairdresser’s shopfront / Flower stall on O’Connell St / Baily Lighthouse, Howth
Rialto Market in Venice / Lavender Field in Kilmacanogue / Whimsical crockery in Avoca

It was then time to leave for the Motherland, aka Belgium by way of London, to catch the Eurostar. I spent a few days in Brussels, mainly catching up with family and friends and playing tourist on my own turf. After that, I took two trains (via Paris) to a secluded village in the mountains of Auvergne where I spent a week with a very dear friend of mine and her little family. It was probably one of the most relaxing, wifi-free holidays I ever had, I took a lot of pictures so will talk more about it soon.

Instagram July 2015Nissan Figaro parked at St Pancras / The interesting facades of my hometown / Grand-Place, Brussels
View from Gare de Lyon, Paris / The cutest door in Saint-Julien-Chapteuil / Ghost sign on the high street
Le Puy-en-Velay / Classic car in Saint-Julien-Chapteuil / Doesn’t it look like a film set?
Instagram July 2015
Galeries de la Reine, Brussels / This restaurant’s sign <3 / Loved the rice paper rolls in Knees to Chin!!

I’ve been back in Brussels for a week now, spending more time with family and friends, eating all the good food (Man, I missed bread) and soaking up sun rays in preparation for my return to that little green island under a perpetual cloud. But before that, I’ve got one more destination up my sleeve. But I’m sure you can guess what that is!

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