Rialto Market | Venice

Rialto Market

I visited the Rialto Market January this year in the early hours of the afternoon. So these pictures have a definite end-of-market vibe. Which suited me perfectly as it meant I could take pictures without disturbing anyone.
You see, I was a bit nervous as I had been shouted at for taking pictures of food a few days before. Venice is magical and all that, but the truth is, as a shutter-happy tourist, it can be a bit daunting. I made more than one Venetian roll their eyes at me while capturing a moment; a moment I ended up not wanting to keep anymore for feeling like an absolute dork.
I don’t know if it was because the market was about to close down and the sellers were relaxed and happy to go home soon but they made me feel welcome, greeting me with gleeful Buongiorno’s. So my camera and I were once again happy together, taking portraits of heart-breakingly beautiful artichokes and those weird vegetables that look like Rastafari martians called ‘Treviso Tardivo‘ (I had some on a pizza on my last day, they taste like mild chicory).

Rialto Market
Rialto MarketRialto MarketRialto MarketRialto Market

Rialto MarketRialto MarketRialto MarketRialto Market

I’ve wanted to see the market ever since I stumbled upon Skye McAlpine’s instagram (she also has a dreamy food blog). She seems to always bring the most beautiful produce and flowers from the market. I couldn’t see any flower stalls (is there a specific day for the flower market, does anyone know?) but her instagram was certainly telling the truth, everything was looking well delicious and fresh. I only wished I had rented an Airbnb so I could bring some home and slice, sniff, taste and cook to my heart content… Do I sound like a vegetable pervert?

Rialto Market
Practical Information

Rialto Market
Campo de la Pesceria
San Polo, 30125 Venice

Opening Times
8am-1pm; it can be a bit earlier or later (Mon-Sat; Fish Market Tue-Sat)

Rialto Mercato (line 1)

3 thoughts on “Rialto Market | Venice

  1. I love markets too but I don’t feel welcomed when taking pictures and always get a disapproval look. In the end I try not to think much about it and keep on shooting but sometimes I feel like a criminal lol


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