Burano Island | Venice

Burano Island
Burano Island
I’d like to apologise in advance for the picture heavy post but Burano Island was probably the most photogenic place I’ve been to this year, a camera lover’s technicolor dream. Stepping on the island felt like accessing the bonus level of a video game. I half expected having to run after jumping stars.
The island is a 45 minute vaporetto ride from main Venice but you might have guessed it by now, it’s completely and utterly worth it. If your stay is a short one, I’d say pick Burano Island over Murano or the other day trip options.
Where Murano excels in glass-blowing, Burano’s craft is dedicated to lace. But the main attraction is obviously the colourful buildings that surround the winding canals. I can’t imagine anyone being grumpy walking down Burano’s lanes.

It is said that the origin of the colours of Burano come from local fishermen painting their houses a striking shade so they could spot their abode from out at sea. And even if today the town looks like a joyful chaos, there’s actually a colour system. Home owners do need an authorization from the government if they want to repaint their facade and they will be given a choice of colours permitted for their area.
Burano IslandBurano Island
Burano IslandBurano Island
Burano IslandBurano Island
Burano IslandBurano IslandBurano IslandBurano Island
Burano IslandBurano IslandBurano Island
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Burano Island
Practical Information

Vaporetto: Burano (Line 9, 12, N)

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  2. Don’t apologise for putting lots of photos of Burano in this post – I will never tire of seeing these beautiful pastel coloured houses and can’t wait to show my little niece over the summer when she visits! More photos like these please!!

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