Instagram: May 2015

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Can I say a cliché and then I promise I will never mention this here again? … Where does the time go?? The month of May flew by like no other. I came to like these posts as they help me reflect and make sense of the past month but I’m struggling to visualise what May was like here . I had a 2 week Instagram break as I was a bit taken by a few worries and stresses, which is a recurring problem in my life. I get overwhelmed really easily and feel like hiding. I’m adamant not to let this summer slip by so I think I’ll make a little Irish Summer checklist of the places I want to visit the next couple of months. I don’t have any travel plans in sight so I’d like to take this time to explore Ireland. Would you be interested in seeing this list here?
But let’s go back to May as it wasn’t all dread and gloom! Here are some of the highlights that were caught on Instagram:
– Eating a courgette cake (?!) and catching up with Magda
– Going to an eerie exhibition with Nancy and being inspired by her enthusiasm for Dublin (I found the knight on the segway on my way to meet her)
– Exploring neighbourhoods with Emily and finding joy in creating something with someone else
– The marriage referendum which brought so much happiness and celebration to the country
– Having a picture featured on Design*Sponge‘s instagram #fangirl

Instagram May 2015
Dublin’s Botanic Gardens / The beautiful shop Dust / Catching up with Magda in Slice Cafe
Perfect Georgian symmetry / Street art by NUNC / Missing London, always
Vintage station wagon / Street art by Joe Caslin / Dublin in Love

Instagram May 2015
Ireland said YES / The tiles in Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church / The prettiest building in Temple Bar
Flower stalls on Grafton Street / Francis Street / Lighthouse Cinema’s cheerful seats
When hair and doors match / More Dublin’s Botanic Gardens / #thedoorsofdublin

Tell me about your month of May! Are you ready for Summer? Do you have epic travel plans in store?

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2 thoughts on “Instagram: May 2015

  1. Your instagram is pure Dublin porn (and Pride)! I want that unicorn head!! What did you watch in the Lighthouse cinema? Gotta love Slice café :) My enthusiasm for Dublin is indeed amusing to others ahah can’t get enough of this dirty old town… yet.
    May was way too brief. It scares me how time flies…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! Well that unicorn head is actually for sale (mind you, it’s a tad pricey). I didn’t see any movies in the cinema, we were just filming for a smithfield guide. But they’re having a bill murray festival soon that sounds mighty tempting!!
      Nooo I wasn’t taking the piss out of you, I actually love your enthusiasm, it’s refreshing! Keep loving Dublin please :D x


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