Instagram: April 2015

How was April for you? Summer came early in Dublin this month, with two beautiful weeks of unadulterated sunshine. If you’ve ever lived in Ireland, you know that this is something so rare and precious that being inside is accompanied by the most crippling FOMO. So I tried to make the most of it, I’m actually surprised there’s not more cherry blossoms in my feed, I must have snapped every single pink tree in the capital.
I visited three new-to-me awesome places this month. First, the shop Dust where I got a copper tape and now literally want to tape everything. But I managed to restrict myself to my desk area where it’s safe to say copper has well and truly taken over (I will talk to you about Dust tomorrow and other great interior design shops in Dublin so make sure you come back if you’re into your home decor).
Secondly, I finally managed to eat at the most instagrammable café in Dublin: The Fumbally. I don’t know why it has taken me so long but I’m happy to report it’s as delicious as it is visually pleasing!

Instagram April 2015
Magnolia tree / Easter treat / Sunset on the Poolbeg Chimneys
Purple blooms in Airfield Farm / Succulents in Dust / All the copper things
Solo Parking #1 / Dublin’s Botanic Gardens / The Fumbally

Lastly, I climbed up Killiney Hill for the first time and, oh my God! There was so much beauty to take in, between the yellow clouds of gorse and the panoramic views of Dublin. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better activity on a sunny day.
Also, a huge thank you to Emily from From China Village for featuring me in her list of Irish Instagram accounts to follow. I’m beyond honoured and I’m digging her Insta-wander series. Do check out her blog for some of the best Dublin tips you’ll find on the interweb!

Instagram April 2015
Killiney Hill / Solo Parking #2 / Knock knock
Spare your postman’s eyes / Strand Hotel in Bray / Ice-cream parlour in Bray
Christchurch Cathedral / Pastel Bray / Dublin’s Botanic Gardens

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