National Botanic Gardens | Dublin

National Botanic GardensNational Botanic Gardens
I recently went to Dublin’s Botanic Gardens to film a little segment for an upcoming video and it reminded me that I had some pictures in my archives I haven’t shown you yet. They were taken at the same time two years back. This is one of my favourite places in Dublin but it’s truly glorious come Spring. The tulips are swinging, the bluebells turn the little forest patch into a magic land, the rhododendrons and magnolias fluff out the the trees and the daffodils sprinkle the grass with their round happy faces. There are few other places in Dublin I’d rather be right now.

National Botanic GardensNational Botanic GardensNational Botanic GardensNational Botanic GardensNational Botanic Gardens
The Botanic Gardens is a beautiful place to wander, sit and breathe. I especially love the beautiful iron-wrought glass houses. They host cacti, exotic palm trees and a great orchid collection among other species. Some of the ironwork actually come from London’s Kew Gardens, which make me love the place even more, if that’s possible.

National Botanic GardensNational Botanic GardensNational Botanic Gardens
There’s also a little café with terrace where I had a nice squishy cookie and a lemonade. At the table next to me, a man was singing Irish rebel songs to soothe his baby, which made the infant laugh furiously, which in turn made me grin like a mad cat #onlyinireland

National Botanic GardensNational Botanic Gardens

Did you know?

The scientists at the National Botanic Gardens discovered the potato blight responsible for the Irish Famine. They predicted its effect on the crops before it all happened. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to find the remedy in time.

National Botanic Gardens

Practical Information

National Botanic Gardens – website
Dublin 9

Admission: Free

Opening Hours
Summer: 9am-5pm (Mon-Fri) / 10am-6pm (Sat, Sun & Public Hols)
Winter: 9am-4.30pm (Mon-Fri) / 10am-4.30pm (Sat, Sun & Public Hols)

Bus: 4, 9, 83

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  2. Your pictures are really beautiful, and I am happy I came across your blog! As of September I will be staying in Dublin for a semester and I’m really excited about it :D so I really appreciate all your posts about the city, especially since we seem to have quite similar interests with travelling/literature/the British Isles :)

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