Instagram: March 2015

Spring in Dublin (instagram)

And here’s another month through my phone! March is generally a month where I get itchy feet to go and explore Dublin.
Irish winters are not the harshest in terms of temperature but they’re gloomy, windy and wet. Not a great combination, I’m sure you’ll agree, for a wander. So after all these months being cooped up inside, I get the urge to reconnect with my surroundings as soon as Spring shows its first signs.
This month definitely didn’t break the rule. I didn’t look for many new places but rather revisited old favourites (the neighbourhood of Ranelagh is one).
I seemed to have had yellow first then pink on the brain and I thought I was getting the hang of the whole ‘Instagram theme’ thing but it didn’t last long. Does anyone of you stick to a palette? Do you have any tips?
I also snapped a lot of murals as I was taking part in the instagram challenge #PPArtAroundYou organised by Passion Passport (I got an honorable mention, yay!) and I got really enthusiastic about the Irish street art scene (I linked a couple of artists below if you’re interested).

Instagram March 2015
Pink princess mansion / Doran’s, one of the oldest barber’s in Dublin / Cute flower shop display
vintage cars FTW / Spring-y Georgian doors / my favourite #Dublinghostsigns
January+February Favourites / Ranelagh <3 / more vintage cars
Instagram March 2015
Spring has sprung! / A pink georgian door / I found a dragonfruit (!) + my current read
‘Home Villas street’ / An art deco building / ‘Only the rivers run free’ by ADW
The Bernard Shaw pub / ‘Don’t be afraid’ by Maser / Little Ass Burrito bar

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4 thoughts on “Instagram: March 2015

  1. I’m not sure if my first comment went through… (?)
    Anyway, just saying how much I love the art deco buildings which seem to be rare in Dublin… “The Great Gatsby Spar” is the most famous ahah! Ranelagh looks even lovelier seen through your eyes and I’m a sucker for vintage cars too :) Also, where is that mansion?! Georgian door porn should have its own tumblr/pinterest! Is that tree a cherry blossom one? xx


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