January + February Travel Favourites & more | VIDEO

January + February 2015 Favourites

Finally, a new video on the blog! Hopefully, the first of many this year. I decided to start a new series where I talk about my travel favourites as well as some other random bits I enjoyed every month. This time, I grouped the months of January and February together but it will be doing monthly instalments from the next video onwards.
I’m not going to lie I’m feeling quite nervous putting it out there in the scary world wide web as it is the first time I filmed a whole video facing the camera. One can only hope, that confidence and diction will get better with time and practice!

January and February were really good months when it comes to travel so it’s without surprise that Venice reigns supremes among this selection of favourites. I also fell in love with a podcast, a lipstick and a tea, among other things. Click play to find out more!

I hope you enjoyed it! What about you? What have you been enjoying recently? Do you have any podcast recommendations?

7 thoughts on “January + February Travel Favourites & more | VIDEO

  1. 🙌 Trop gai de te voir en video… Elle est top! Et je vais définitivement acheter l eye liner de chez kiko. Même si je n ai pas le “souci” d avoir trop de cils ;)) vite te revoir 💕


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