Postcards from Courtown Harbour | co. Wexford

courtown harbour main st
Today will be a short but (hopefully) sweet post on a charming seaside town in the East of Ireland. This is Courtown Harbour, which I mentioned in my last post when Magda, her boyfriend and I visited the Seal Rescue Centre.  The purpose of the trip was seeing the baby seals so I didn’t get to see much of the town, but we did manage to squeeze a lunch in the Wishing Well. I had an open prawn sandwich which I thought was good, honest food, but I don’t think Magda was feeling her meal; I think it’s harder to win a foodie’s heart. I, on the other hand, could literally eat anything.
wishing well café
ice cream parlour
verbena house
On the way to the Seal Rescue Centre, we walked a bit along the shore and I was amazed how busy the beach was. I hadn’t expected it as it was the first time I ever heard of Courtown but it turns out it’s quite a popular holiday destination among the Irish. Courtown is next to Gorey train station which is reachable from Dublin by a 1h40min train journey. So that might explain that, other than the fact that it is actually quite cute, don’t you think? I’m definitely keeping that one for a possible week-end getaway next Summer.
courtown beach
souvenir shop + harbour
taravie hotel
courtown harbour

5 thoughts on “Postcards from Courtown Harbour | co. Wexford

  1. Beautiful photos Nora. You really captured the atmosphere of the town. I think Ireland spoiled me with brilliant meals, so my exceptions are high, but it was decent meal.


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