Wexford Lavender Farm | Co. Wexford

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Last year, I got completely obsessed with this article on Kinfolk Magazine called “Tips for Growing Peonies“. I visited the page countless times and sighed so much at the beautiful photography. I had one thought in my mind: one day, I, too, will frolic in a flower field as painfully beautiful as this peony farm in Salem, Oregon.
I wondered if there was something similar here in Ireland. Surely among all the lush greenery the island has to offer, there must be one or two flower fields open to the public. Peony, lavender, sunflower, it didn’t matter. I stored that new goal of mine in my little goldfish tank of a brain for when spring came around the corner.
Fast forward to May, I hadn’t had much luck with my research and decided to ask on Twitter if anyone could help. The ever so knowledgeable Susan from Vibrant Ireland came to the rescue and recommended the Wexford Lavender Farm, which looked like the perfect fit with its cute little café.

So last month, Magda came to pick me up and off we went to Wexford. I should probably start a series on this blog called ‘Wexford with Magda’ , she took me to so many cool places this year in the sunny county.
The lavender farm is about 1,5 hrs away from Dublin by car (a car is probably your best bet to be honest) and even though it feels like the middle of nowhere, once you left the motorway the road to it is well signed.

low-angle lavenderlavender farmlavender fieldhouse lavender field

When you get to the parking of the farm you’re met by a beautiful sea of purple and the distinctive fresh smell of lavender. The field in itself is medium-sized (2 acres), it is next to a play area for kids and a pen where 2 sheep hang out next to ducks busy having their very own pool party. Say quack?!
At the back of the field, a little sign promises woodland walks.

sheeppoppy & lavenderlavender potduckie pool

First; we headed to the café. The home-made cakes looked rather tempting and the shop was full of cute little lavender by-products but we stuck to coffee. We got cozy in the courtyard next to the little plant sale (5€ the lavender pot) and wondered how persistant the Irish sun was going to be that day. Spoiler: not very.

wexford lavender farmcafé courtyardwexford lavender farm cafésoapwoodland walkfields

We finished off our floral escapade by following the sign to the woodlands. We first crossed a bucolic barley field and once in the little forest, opted for the shortest walk (I suspect Magda and her boyfriend were trying to spare my couch potato self). It was lovely and I stocked up on so much oxygen (translate: I nearly fainted – ed.: it was a 15 min walk), and I only wished it was blackberry season as the path was bordered with so much bramble.

The farm will close in the end of September so do go frolic to your heart’s content before the lavender goes into winter mode, it makes for such a lovely day out for the family. Also, check out Magda’s post and her swooning pictures of the day!


Practical Information

Wexford Lavender Farm  – website

Co. Wexford

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 5pm (Apr – Sep) / Closed on Mondays, except Bank Holidays / Open for events on Halloween & in December, check out the farm’s website for updates

Admission: Free 

13 thoughts on “Wexford Lavender Farm | Co. Wexford

    • thank you marco! i’m only starting to get to know county wexford these past few months despite living in ireland for 6 years. am i wrong in thinking it’s slightly underrated? i’ve got the feeling you don’t hear about it as much as other counties and still it has so much to offer! If you have any recommendations, i would love to hear them. thanks for stopping by!


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