New Year’s Eve 2013 | video

Dublin NYE 2013 Procession of Light
Dublin NYE 2013 Procession of Light

I’m not going to lie, I’m not usually one to go out of their way to join massive New Year’s Eve celebrations and strive on crowd connexion. Give me a cosy armchair, some nibbles, shit TV and I’m a happy camper. But I guess my glamourous lifestyle is not the stuff exciting posts are made of. So, just for you people of the Internet, I grabbed my camera and the weird shoulder contraption that goes with it, and headed to Dublin city centre where some cheerful happenings were due to ring the new year in.

Dublin NYE 2013 Procession of LightDublin NYE 2013 Procession of Light

Starting off the evening was the People’s Procession of Light marching on Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street. The parade was filled with contagiously cheerful people in beautiful colourful costumes, the infamous Dublin rickshaws and lots and lots of people who had been crafting pretty lanterns in the workshops organised specifically for the event.
I sneaked into the procession to film and my grumpy self couldn’t help but be contaminated by the kids’ cheers and the chants and the sparkles.

Dublin NYE 2013 Procession of Light

The procession finished on the Green where a beautiful aerial show started. It all ended in confetti and happy music. I took the cue to leave the place and headed to the seashore to witness the fireworks, where the sea was a bit tormented and no bus was in sight. Despite the cold and the lack of transport, I genuinely can say I had a lovely evening that was as worthy as the armchair and nibbles.

Check out for yourself!

Happy New Year!

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