Bram Stoker Festival 2013 | video

Bram Stoker Festival 2013 Dublin
Bram Stoker Festival Dublin Castle Bridal Gowns

About a month ago, it was time for Dublin to paint the town in the brightest crimson in honour of its celebrated writer, Bram Stoker. And most specifically, his most famous work Dracula. It is only the second year of the festival but it already feels like a permanent feature of Dublin’s calendar as the event fits so perfectly with the Fair City’s gothic backdrop.

bram stoker festival 2013 dublin castle
Bram Stoker Festival Skeleton

Many events were organised across town (check the ones I was most excited about): a horror film marathon, an opera, themed walking tours, vampire hunts, discussions around the book, street performances, etc… I think it is a great introduction to Dublin’s charms, especially at that time of the year (Halloween) as an extra exciting atmosphere surrounds the cobbled streets, many landmarks get lit in red  and who doesn’t like bumping into vampire enthusiasts?!

Dracula's Bride Bram Stoker Festival

So I decided to take my camera and take you along to two events from this year’s festival: a reading of Dracula in the majestic Saint-Patrick’s Cathedral and a pyrotechnic show in Dublin Castle. Hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

Practical Information

The Bram Stoker Festival takes place the last week-end of October.

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